Do I love myself enough to grow and change in the ways I want?

Love is the answer! How often do we hear that? How many times, in how many songs, in how many blog posts and facebook shares have your heard this same old story. And now that its time for New Year’s resolutions, for dropping that weight you either have already put on, or will put on […]

About that MISSING Lifestyle Health infrastructure

Old news – we are all living in a healthcare world where acute and infectious disease (and their related costs and the associated system capacity) have given way to a world where non-communicable diseases and chronic diseases often related to lifestyle behaviors and risks dominate our healthcare costs.  And unfortunately there’s limited resources available for redesigning […]

The Yoga of Canvassing

I’ve spent the last 2 days knocking on doors, talking to people here in Ohio, getting out the vote (GOTV) for Hillary.  Like so much of my life, the core of being a yogi has been really useful.  I’ve learned so much here, and been able to watch myself, to learn, to observe. What are […]

Why ‘Food, it’s the New Yoga?”

People have practiced yoga for many reasons over the ages.  Seeking enlightenment, to transcend the human experience, to find peace, to live in the experience of health. (for now, I’m ignoring to ‘get a good sweat on’, or to ‘have an awesome yoga butt’). More on how food relates to those later. What is true, […]

Food & Yoga Roadshow Underway!

Made it to Abilene tonight, tomorrow I get to see Julia Grueskin’s cafe – Gatos y Galletas. Julia is a Natural Epicurean graduate, and this cafe sounds awesome!  Also have plans to visit Haley Bever’s studio, the Yoga Stand, and some of her teachers (in Lubbock) tomorrow to talk about the Food & Yoga Online classes, […]

The ‘Food & Yoga’ Roadshow – En route to Estes Park!

I decided to ‘take it on the road’. Our team is doing GREAT stuff, and we’ve got an exciting roll out of our new online learning tools at the end of September in Estes Park, Colorado. I’m taking to the road to support our effort in getting the word out, to do a bit of […]

Where Do Your Spiritual Roots Lie?

Notes from a Grateful Dead concert: Where do our spiritual roots lie?  What had them grow there, in that way?  And what keeps them growing yet today? 61 seems old to me, I know that it’s old enough to have cycled through ‘thinking I know’ and then recognizing that I don’t, more than a few […]

Desire is what feeds your values-based culinary career.

Let’s talk about desire and your values-based culinary career. When we talk about desire what I’m really talking about is what feeds you? There are some things you value personally very highly. These are the things that bring you joy.  They are what provides you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Ofttimes when we think […]

Developing Skill as an ingredient to Empower Your Values-Based Culinary Career

How important is skill in a values-based culinary career? So often when we bring our hearts to our careers we also bring the notion that because our hearts are in the right place everything will work out. You know,  the law of attraction, positive thinking, all of these kinds of things that we think support […]

Should we be questioning ‘what we know’ about medicine (or healthcare)?

10 years ago I found myself, quite unexpectedly, in the business of healthcare. And when one is in healthcare in the US, one naturally has a relationship to medicine. Yes, they are different creatures, the world of medicine and healthcare. Think of medicine as doctors plying their trade, or more traditionally as the diagnosis, treatment, […]