Last week I finished up my ‘practicum’ for my Masters in Public Health degree.  During my practicum I worked at the TX Dept. of State Health Services, doing a project with the privacy officer to review the trainings about protected information. Here’s my badge..







I decided to do this project because as we start blurring the line between physician prescribed lifestyle change, and  self tracking and personally-driven lifestyle change (that looks a lot like the medical intervention) I wanted to know a bit more about PHI (Protected Health Information). It was fun, and it was informative, and I got to experience working at the state.

Then yesterday I finished my last actual class in the MPH program. I’m now one research project and one thesis away from an August graduation. For the last 3 years I’ve been studying public health, seeking to understand what I had begun to explore around the way yoga and health fit together.  In the last 3 Years I’ve learned alot, met a alot of great people, been taught by alot of great professors.  And I’m looking forward to finishing up, and being able to apply this hard won knowledge to make each business that much more effective.  We’re on a mission…health through health practices.  Lots to do!