Each day we make hundreds of little decisions that add up to our personal ‘healthscape’.  Eat this, don’t eat that, take this walk, walk up the stairs or maybe ride the elevator.  In many public health classes, there’s this classic video folks watch, about choosing the stairs, or choosing the escalator. Of course, you probably guessed that most folks traditionally choose the escalator over the stairs.  But then there’s the awesome escalator experiment from the funtheory – it’s a must watch!  Choices, day by day make a difference.

Now, we often think we make rational choices, but that’s just not mostly true.  Here’s an article about moral choices…it illustrates the convoluted nature of our choices…we just don’t think straight, too much of the time!  And we make these choices that make us less healthy, and we lie to ourselves!!!

I’m fascinated and driven by contributing to a socially just, pragmatically effective way of supporting people to make healthier choices, and to practice a healthier life.  That started with yoga, and encouraging tens of thousands of folks to be healthier through maintaining a personal yoga practice.  But now I am equally focused on the broader system – health through our lifestyle choices, which include, but are not limited to yoga.  Here’s a great example of institutionalizing a ‘healthscape’..the Seventh Day Adventists have been doing this for a long time. Here’s the The Seventh-day Adventist Position Statement on Vegetarian Diets.

Strategies for a healthier life is a somewhat different approach than any individual action. When I talk strategies I want people to start thinking about design, about ecosystems and about personal behavioral economics.  Foundational aspects of effective personal ‘healthscapes’. Think communities of health. (Here’s one really unique one!) Think designing out the unhealthy choices.  Innovating for healthier living.


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