In just a few hours the Supreme Court will hand down the long awaited ruling on constitutionality of the Accountable Care Act – (aka “Obamacare”).  While this is a BIG deal, and the ruling will have enormous ramifications regardless of which way it goes, either way we will still be left with the problem of delivering health care.

Some great organizations are doing the work, and will keep doing the work.  Here’s  a link to a piece talking about work at Robert Woods Johnson Foundation,  one of the great groups that is doing great systemic work to address health across the entire economic spectrum. In this piece, they talk about bridging the gap between medicine and public health.  When I write public health, in some ways you can consider this a way to speak about prevention, which barely lives in the medical context, and is very much the focus of the public health professional.

Another organization doing great work is Kaiser. Regardless of the outcome, this organization will be working tirelessly to improve the health of its members, because it knows that its both the right thing and the financially sound thing to do.  Because they ‘own’ their member’s health over the long term.

Remember, regardless of the outcome at the Supreme Court…we can’t change either our costs OR our results if we don’t get started earlier, and do real prevention.  We must learn, as a nation, to practice health!