Monday night I had the great pleasure of listening to Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farms talk about his book The Third Plate.  The night was a great local austin experience, hosted by edible Austin, starting with a performance by Michael Fracasso, a local singer songwriter chef, and then Dan was introduced by Todd Duplechan from Lenoir in a very personal way, sharing just how influential Dan had been in his life and his development as a leader in the local farm to table world.  I was most moved during the night by Dan’s clarity on the systemic nature of our food system, and how vital it is that we move our local organic ‘mind set’ forward, and begin to embrace the aspects of the food system that we are not fulling incorporating into our lives and our menus.  I LOVE the phrase ‘eat the whole farm’, and as a plant-based kind of guy, I am also now struck by having to learn more about the entire farm (yes, that means learning about the animal plant connection) to examine my own beliefs about food systems.  Dan is not to be missed if you ever have the chance to hear him speak, and I know I now have a stop in NY at his restaurant on my bucket list!