As 2015 begins I am grateful beyond words for the chance to continue to practice health. As many of us have often heard, the alternative is not so good, but certainly there is way more to this delicious practice of health than simply avoiding being on the ‘wrong side of the dirt’.

As 2015 begins I’m taking my personal practice of health to its own ‘next’.   I’m focusing my practices this year around choosing to do more of what is ‘by design’ more health supporting, and focusing in a more limited way on gently removing – by choice –  what is less health supportive.

For example in 2015 I’m going to be cooking more, a trend that I’ve been nurturing powerfully since I bought the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in 2009, but I’m diving in more deeply as I study more about cooking as THE pivotal personal practice around diet related health.

I’ll also be integrating more practices (by design) that have multidimensional synergistic outcomes – by making certain choices that are holistically health supporting (think yoga – physical movement to support joints and muscles, stress reduction through slow breathing and mental stillness, strengthening the immune system to fight a range of diseases as well as depression-proofing our attitudes and behavior patterns, and throw in a group class dynamic to meet the social needs we are acknowledging more fully as a core component of health) vs. running – a more narrow, uni-dimensional choice.  Running just gets you exercise.

Sustainability in all things come from design, and good design emerges from beauty and function merging elegantly.  Lets choose to design our lives to integrate movement into our lives (think walking desks,  parking further from the door and taking the stairs) and health into our cuisine (think more cooking, less packaged foods, more  spices, greater variety, sharing food around a loving table.)

Lets all find our ‘next’ level of health this year.

Your health, my health, our kids health, our parents health, our friends and colleagues health.  All health is about skills and practices. Choices, either sustainable or challenging.

Broad design choices like cuisines and neighborhoods are where health lives sustainably.  Choose wisely in 2015!