If diets worked we’d only need one!  They don’t most of the time, and so if we want to be healthy, if we want our families to be healthy, we might want to consider how to change in a way that might be sustainable. Adopting a healing cuisine is the strongest approach to sustainable change.

Here’s why. Change can happen at many levels. One way to think about this sort of change in to consider the strategic choice of action, the effectiveness of achieving the strategy, and ultimately if we are able to achieve every day, day after day.  That is real change. Change at a deep level.

Here’s an analogy.

In business we often talk about the hierarchy of the most ‘apparently’ effective organizations. These organizations spend their time and attention on strategic planning and strategy. People are enamored by strategy. And the ‘best’ strategy is often thought to be the most important component of success. But many kinds of strategies can work (like many kinds of diets).  And in the past, folks thought that the best strategy (or the best diet) was what was most important. But more thought reveals another possibility.

In the last decade (and of course before that) there’s been a lot more attention on execution and how much more powerful it is to have an organization that executes rather than an organization that simply has a great strategy. Yes, Apple had a great strategy to build iTunes, but they also executed brilliantly!   The standard way of thinking is that ‘execution eats strategy for lunch” every day!  So the analogy is that no matter how excellent your choice of ‘diet’ strategy, you are only as good as your daily adherence to that choice of diet approach, and you must pay attention constantly to succeed.

Now the strongest approach, way more powerful than even great execution is the embodiment of a new culture. And when we are talking about food and culture we are talking about cuisine.    And in business we also say culture eats execution for lunch every day!   So no matter how well you execute if you’re competing against an organization that has embodied the culture of sales or the culture of service or the culture of innovation, these organizations are most likely to win every day. You can execute on innovation  and you can execute well, but day after day year after year executing is not as strong as living inside a culture.

And if you want to succeed in your approach to allowing food to bring you health, no matter how good your strategy, or no matter how effective your execution if you embody the culture of a healing diet, if you embody diet at the level of cuisine, then you will succeed. You can have a strategy for what to eat and you can be really good at executing on that strategy but it’s only when you embody the diet, when it becomes your personal cuisine that you no longer have to worry about execution because you ‘are’ the cuisine.