Let’s talk about desire and your values-based culinary career.

When we talk about desire what I’m really talking about is what feeds you?

There are some things you value personally very highly. These are the things that bring you joy.  They are what provides you with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Ofttimes when we think about desire we start outside ourselves, removed from our experiential life. We think about how much money we might need, we consider what our parents might think we should do, we allow ourselves to be unduly influenced by the external, the less subtle, the more mundane.

However, when we consider a values-based career, we don’t want to leave ourselves out of the equation!  Now career becomes more a vehicle for self-expression rather than simply a vehicle for income production. Career has the potential to embody who we wish to be as individuals, as members of community, and as artists of our own lives.

Unfortunately desire is not easy to become present to given our pace, our environment, our culture.  So much outside influence pervades our freedom to think clearly, to choose freely and envision a future which feeds us on a full range of levels, not merely economically.

When it comes to discovering desire in this deep way, is is only and exclusively up to us – to spend the time reflecting internally, to unearth our deep desire.

And desires are not fixed. As adults we start to frame our lives, not just in the immediate but also in time frames of years and decades. These time frames enable us to reflect to consider, to ponder, to wonder, to inquire.

What do I want now? What do I think I will want next year? What do I think I want when I’m 40? 50?  70? What might my genuine desire be over time?

How might you think of desire? One definition to consider in this context is:  “a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment”.  Craving is strong, its deep, it is soulful.  I’m inviting you to crave a future, not simply find yourself there!

I invite you to explore these boundaries, to explore these givens, and to find a way to connect with the deeper desire inside yourself. Are you driven by the desire to serve? Or the desire to accumulate? Or are you driven by the desire to create?  Does feeding others feed you? Does creating delicious food feed you?  Where and from what will you get the juice, the energy, to live a full life? One worthy of looking back with deep satisfaction!

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