An important aspect of our work lives to consider, especially if we intend to bring forth a life that has a balance that supports living and working more ‘yogically’. Here’s an article (you can listen or read) from Knowledge @ Wharton, Reluctant Vacationers: Why Americans Work More, Relax Less, than Europeans. Useful to hear some perspective on the many possible reasons for why the difference is so great between Americans and Europeans in attitude and practice regarding vacations. Here’s a quote..

Europeans seem to place a higher value on leisure, while Americans tend to prefer earning and spending. As a result, Americans on average own bigger cars, bigger houses and more vacation homes, says Witold Rybczynski, a Wharton real estate professor.

In contrast, Europeans’ self worth is often tied up not with whether they drive a Lexus or a Porsche but with their ability to enjoy a hefty holiday

Of course, we can get too attached to either time, or money!

For years we have strived to bring our benefits (of which vacations are only one aspect) up to a high standard, and to make them accessible to the entire organization. This is economically difficult, but I think worthwhile. It allows us to bring forth our values – in action – and allows us to ‘engage’ with the issues around balance in profit, viability and ‘equity’ among all team members.