One of my objectives in writing, and in working with the teachers and staff at Yoga Yoga on our initiative to develop what we are calling ‘complementary care’ programs, or ‘personal self-care’ programs, is to become an active participant in the national health care dialogue. I believe, as I think many yoga practitioners and teachers believe, that there is great opportunity to foster wellness and well-being through yoga, and through supporting individuals – one at a time – to practice yoga.

Here’s a great quote from an article by a Dr. Welch (bold is my emphasis):

Perhaps someone should start monitoring a new health metric: the proportion of the population not requiring medical care. And the National Institutes of Health could propose a new goal for medical researchers: reduce the need for medical services, not increase it.

I think that by simply supporting a national conversation on wellness – something that yoga teachers and many other ‘alternative’ providers seem to be much more inclined to do than most any member of the ‘healthcare’ system – we CAN make a difference!

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