From my perspective, business (or enterprise) building is at it’s heart a ‘design problem’. In this case, how do we design our yoga centers so that they take advantage of the best techniques of business management and technology, while staying genuine places of human contact.

Signal vs. Noise, [a weblog by 37signals about entrepreneurship, design, experience, simplicity, constraints, pop culture, our products, products we like, and more] often has some really useful insights and information worth thinking about.

In this post, The power of rough edges, (one of their BEST posts from 2006) Matt from 37 Signals writes about web design techniques that allow for more authenticity and humanity. This soooooo vital! Its clear that we as a culture are not going to stop using technology, and we are going to continue to scale towards larger and larger enterprises. We NEED people to think about the issues that let us keep the humanity in….through design, through commitment and through skill. Here’s one more great quote from this post:

The value of authentic
Authenticity is underrated. People forgive a multitude of sins in exchange for it. Sure, aim for perfection and professionalism when it’s called for. But don’t overlook the power that comes from being authentic, appropriate, and human.

We can’t teach yoga if we don’t ‘stay human’. And ‘staying human’ while staying competitive and profitable seems to require an exquisite sense of designing ‘for’ human enterprise. These guys ‘get it’.