TheRoadshowbeginsI decided to ‘take it on the road’. Our team is doing GREAT stuff, and we’ve got an exciting roll out of our new online learning tools at the end of September in Estes Park, Colorado.

I’m taking to the road to support our effort in getting the word out, to do a bit of a ‘walk about’ (in my Prius) and to talk to a bunch of cool people – yogis, doctors, educators, community health experts, new food system entrepreneurs, health coaches, vege chefs, vege restaurant owners, farmers, and anyone else who I can learn from along the way.

My plan is to have fun, learn a lot, and explore with collaborators in discovering what yoga centers are evolving into as they bring ancient consciousness into a world where yoga isn’t ‘weird’, where the science supports the practice, and to talk to health care professionals about how food, consciousness and behavior is making its way into their practice.

I want to try to answer the question ‘what does the next generation of yoga studio look like’?, and ‘how does the community that supported the growth of yoga in the west sustain our values and engage with the broader society around conscious health and well-being’?.  I want to meet cool people, remember that nature is the great healer, and bring my heart to each day of grateful fun.

4 thoughts on “The ‘Food & Yoga’ Roadshow – En route to Estes Park!

  1. Dr. Lynn

    Are you coming to Boulder after Estes Park there’s a whole Lotta conscious people here and many yoga centers!
    If you do come please visit us we live at Pi (314) n Pearl st
    I roomed with Angela Hoyt when she was last in Denver for a workshop.
    If you need a guide around Boulder just call or text 512-417-6323
    Blessings Lynn n Eric

    1. Rich Goldstein

      thanks! Right now my plans are to get to Estes Park, and see where the Roadshow takes me from there. Keep and eye out for what’s next!

  2. Vedya

    Wow! Enjoy your journey. I look forward to hearing about your discoveries.

  3. Rich Goldstein

    Thanks Vedya! Always great having your energy out there wishing us all well!

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