People have practiced yoga for many reasons over the ages.  Seeking enlightenment, to transcend the human experience, to find peace, to live in the experience of health. (for now, I’m ignoring to ‘get a good sweat on’, or to ‘have an awesome yoga butt’). More on how food relates to those later.

What is true, for all of these reasons, is that yoga, the full measure of yoga, is both a practice as well as a context. It is something that one does, committedly and over time, and in the doing, life is different. The ‘background’ of life starts to include awareness, consciousness of movement and breath, and consistency of practice.

My experience on the mat this morning is in the context of my experience yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. And I will be on the mat again tomorrow morning and the morning after that.  Self awareness grows in a dance with practice.

So, you might ask, “how does this apply to food?”

My thought on this, after observing tens of thousands of yoga students over the last 20 years, and in the last decade watching how the healing foods movement is evolving, the connections and correlations between what is happening now with food (as a healing modality), is very much related to where yoga was 20 years ago. In societal awareness, in reach, and in evidence based science to support conscious, healing nutrition.  But this is changing fast, and the societal awareness took yoga 20 years to be realized is likely going to be much more rapid.

Yoga uniquely focuses awareness and practice to generate health and well-being. Healing through food requires practice, awareness and study.  Simply knowing that you should ‘eat well’ is not enough, just like knowing that you should practice yoga is not enough.

Many of yoga teachers and students are discovering the importance of food in their practice and their teaching.  Food is the new yoga!  As if anything about yoga (or food) is new!


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  1. Stephanie

    This is so on point! Well put thoughts and I agree!

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