I’ve spent the last 2 days knocking on doors, talking to people here in Ohio, getting out the vote (GOTV) for Hillary.  Like so much of my life, the core of being a yogi has been really useful.  I’ve learned so much here, and been able to watch myself, to learn, to observe.

What are the lessons I have found so important?

Breathe – its always the most important thing.  As I’ve knocked on doors (doors that in my day to day life I would never have found myself in front of, doors with trash in the streets, cigarette butts scattered, simply not the world I find myself in) the first thing to do is take a deep breath, and wait.  Turn inward, wait to see if the person will answer. Often a single african american woman, sometimes with a few kids, sometimes surrounded by boyfriends, TV, fights…all of the ‘what we think that life is’, but now its real, its personal, and I’m getting the connection, not the crib notes.  I’ve loved these moments of meditation while I wait to see if anyone answers, and to see who they might be.

Trust the work.  For many months the HRC campaign has been building lists of folks, painstakingly. And this weekend, as a million volunteers knocked on doors and made phone calls we had the benefit of the all that work.  Almost each door I knocked on had a Clinton supporter.  Out of more than one hundred doors so far, I only spoke to a few Trump voters. The work the campaign did upfront paid off, so that this weekend we can mobilize our voters to vote.  They started with the end in mind, and its paying  off today.

We’re really all in this together.  Regardless of who you are voting for, regardless of your or my personal values, I had the experience that each person I spoke to, each yard and front porch I stood on, revealed a human being who card about their life, their family and being happy.

The Grateful Dead can bring us together!  At the end of the day yesterday, as it was getting dark, and I was rushing around to finish up my last few houses, I stopped to talk to a woman who wound up being a Trump voter, I connected with her husband, also a Trump voter.  Somehow we wound up talking about the Dead. We both saw a few shows of the Dead and Company this year, and we agreed, after the election, no matter how it went, that maybe we’d see each other at a show.

People are inherently well meaning.  Self study makes us better.  Breathing and reflecting bring inner peace.

Now, back to knocking on doors!

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