Over the past 20 years, Yoga Yoga has been bringing outstanding yoga to our beloved Austin community, and this has been and is a labor of love and passion for the teachers and staff that have contributed to our efforts.

During these two decades, yoga has moved from a ‘fringe’, spiritual / health ‘thing’ to a mainstream, well-researched contribution to the health and vitality of individuals and communities. Yoga (and the mindfulness that is inherent in the practice) has been shown, both through research and its ever-increasing popularity to be an important practice for individuals and communities. Yoga enhances well-being, helps to prevent disease, and provides support throughout the healing process from the perspective of a biopsychosocial model.

As our society and our healthcare system pivot to tackle chronic diseases and lifestyle health, yoga is emerging as a critical component of integrative medicine and health. In fact, the ‘gold standard’ for addressing the opioid crisis includes, according to the CDC “a combination of things like exercise, rehabilitation therapies, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapies”.

At Yoga Yoga we are privileged to be one of only 25 Accredited schools of Yoga Therapy in the United States. We are training the future leaders in this movement to bring yoga into the mainstream of healthcare while retaining its beauty, its complexity and its uniqueness.

As a community, we are reaching out across the divide between healthcare, the wellness community, and traditional yoga practitioners. We are exploring how to integrate our skills and approaches most effectively in partnership with physicians, hospitals, clinics, and communities. We are exploring how we can best provide programs and services to organizations throughout our communities.

While the venues might differ, our society is suffering under undue stress and insufficient resilience at so many levels. These high levels of stress contribute to disease and cost so many of us our day to day happiness and well-being.

We believe we can help. We want to include you in a dialogue to explore how to bring more yoga and mindfulness into the healthcare, wellness and prevention communities throughout our great city.

Please join us for a special afternoon event:

Healthcare Meets Yoga Therapy: The Science, The Practice, The Future

Sunday, June 10th | 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Yoga Yoga North

Click here to register for this free event.

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